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Please Read!

THIS IS THE PROTOTYPE VERSION OF TERMINAL. The full version is expected to release in February.

All files but soundtracks are free. Donate 10 cents. Soundtracks (mp3 files) are 0.05 cents each.

- on.mp3 : The startup sound for the game.

- die.mp3 : (this soundtrack is buggy) gives a sound when you die.

- hit.mp3 : The sound when you enter text in your keyboard.

Play Terminal, (version 0.04), an online game where you are a hacker. Things start out with little information. See the full description below.

What's New in Version 0.04

- Bug Fixes

- New temporary code

- jQuery

- jsBin

- Cache Monitering

- Title Tag Fixes

- Fixed Battery / Health bar (version 0.025)


- Released under jsbin.com

Release Status

- This game is 5% complete in version 0.04. The Introduction is complete.

- This game is 3 days old.


- Last updated 11-23-15 3:39 PM

- By clicking the link, you will download version 0.04 of TERMINAL

Privacy Policy

- We only store information for 1 browser session.

- All information is deleted once you close the tab

Terms of Use

- You may distribute this game only with permission given to Alaska Mani. My real name or email may NOT be used.

- You are allowed to 'cheat' by accessing the console log, HTML files, or JavaScript files.

- You are allowed to distribute this version of TERMINAL under the conditions listed above.

- By playing this game or editing or accessing any contents of the game, you agree to the conditions above as well as the Creative Commons License. To view the full License, email us back with the subject 'License'.

Have fun,

Alaska Mani

Creator of TERMINAL

For more fun, open the console log and hit one of the following commands (only on PCs)

- code

- die();

- snd.play();

- startupsound.play();


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terminal.html 5 kB
terminal_code.js 8 kB
terminal_color.css 553 bytes
die.mp3 14 kB
if you pay $0.05 USD or more
hit.mp3 7 kB
if you pay $0.05 USD or more
on.mp3 102 kB
if you pay $0.05 USD or more


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ADMIN COMMENT ----------------------------------------------

All files must be downloaded for the terminal.html to work. All other 5 files are dependents.

Alaska Mani,

Creator of Terminal